Price: $6,180,000 or $72,700± per acre

Size:  85.02± Acres in San Luis Obispo County, per assessor’s parcel maps

Location: Located off Thompson Ave. on the east side of U.S. Highway 101 in Nipomo, at the northeast corner of Thompson and Rancho Roads, within the County of San Luis Obispo. The northern boundary of the property is adjacent to the southern edge of the town of Nipomo, CA.

Description: The Property provides a unique combination of both agricultural and future residential development potential opportunities for long term appreciation. It consists of approximately 85 acres of irrigated farm ground in four legal parcels, including 40± acres zoned Residential Single Family within the Nipomo Com- munity Services District sphere of influence, with the balance zoned Agriculture. The County of San Luis Obispo has issued Certificates of Compliance for each of these four lots, assuring their validity as separate legal parcels. This efficient ranch enjoys a uniform rectangular shape, with the exception of a portion that ex- tends beyond the rectangle to the east. The Property possesses approximately two-fifths mile of frontage along Thompson Ave. and is close to one-third mile on Rancho Road.

Topography & Drainage:  The ranch features generally level to undulating topography in most planted areas with a gentle upward slope to the east. A small drainage runs through the southern end of the Property in an east and west direction. According to information found on the FEMA Flood Map Service Center website it is located in an area designated as “An Area of Minimal Flood Hazard-Zone X”.

Present Use:   The Property consists of irrigated farm ground which is currently farmed to broccoli. Past growing history includes strawberries, baby spinach, baby kale, baby arugula, baby spring mix, basil, chives, dill, mint, ore- gano, rosemary, sage, tarragon, and salanova. Additional crops grown historically include beets, kale, chard and frisee. However, the property is suitable for the growing of most vegetable and berry crops.

Soil:  Soils are primarily Zaca clay, which are moderately deep, well drained soils. (For further detail, refer to the soil map on Page 4.)

Improvements:  The Property improvements include perimeter fencing, a radio and GPS tower and a spill slab for fuel tanks.

Water Source:  The water source for this Property is from two, on-site operable agricultural wells producing approximately 460 GPM in aggregate with Descale Units located on the Property. In addition, an underground high pressure PVC delivery irrigation system with valves every 33’ is in place.

Approximate well production and data for the well is as follows:

Well No.


Depth (Feet)


Production (GPM)











*Note: There is a 2017 pump test and a 2016 water quality report for both Well # 1 and Well # 2, in addition to well completion reports for both that are available for review upon request.

Zoning: 40± acres zoned RSF (Residential) 45± acres zoned AG (Agriculture)

Utilities: The Property is serviced with power by PG&E.

Agricultural Preserve:  This Property is NOT in the Agricultural Preserve.

Assessor Data: 090-051-037, 063, 064 & 065

Property Taxes:  The Property is subject to Proposition 13 re-assessment upon sale.