Rincon is the only full service agricultural real estate company on the Central Coast.   In addition to our traditional brokerage services for sales and leasing, Rincon offers a diverse line of services to owners, or potential owners, of agricultural properties.   Due to decades of experience and expertise in these fields, our management services include:

  • Fiduciary Management
  • Property Management
  • Project Management
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Financial Structuring

While we don’t publically discuss our clientele, we would be happy to privately provide references for the specific type of management service in which you might be interested.


Many owners of real estate assets are either absentee owners, or too busy doing what they do best, to maximize their opportunities with an agricultural asset. On occasion, the owners of an agricultural asset do not have the specific experience to know the alternatives and the best course to take. Also, while unfortunate, it is not uncommon for family differences to cause disputes that disrupt the best interest of all parties. In any of these situations, we can step in and work in a fiduciary capacity for the owner or the estate involved. This might involve serving as a trustee for a family trust, mediating a dispute, or merely overseeing an asset or estate with the care that an owner would do for themselves, if they had the time or the expertise.


Property management is the day-to-day management of a real estate asset, and generally is for those held for investment purposes. Rincon is involved in property management for both agricultural and commercial properties. In providing property management services, we most typically deal with leasing the property, managing the tenants, monitoring the condition, necessary repairs, and maintenance of the property, collecting rent, and reporting on income and expenses to the property owner.


Rincon typically gets involved with project management for owners of all types of real property, when those owners do not have the time or the expertise to take a project from conception through completion. Project management starts with a concept. It is analyzed and tested for financial feasibility. We then identify the specific outcome, which will be the goal of the project, and define the resources that will be necessary to accomplish this task in the most cost efficient way possible. We have done this for subdivision of agricultural properties, drilling water wells, and installing irrigation systems. We have also done this for installation of roads, cell sites, fencing, all types of infrastructure improvements, correcting real estate title issues, creation of easements, and boundary surveys.

We have also provided project management services for a wide variety of commercial real estate development projects, including master planning of mixed use commercial real estate development projects. Furthermore, we will take a development project from concept and design, obtaining entitlements from the appropriate municipalities, building permits, obtaining competitive construction bids, contract administrations, and construction supervision.


One of the most challenging, and yet rewarding projects, is when a property owner comes to us to inquire about their options for a particular asset, and which alternative makes the most sense. In order to accomplish this, we must have an in-depth knowledge of the property to understand its potential, and the time, cost, and risk of getting the property to its optimal utilization. More importantly, we must know what our client’s objectives, needs, and resources are so that we can tailor the optimal alternative to best meet the client’s needs. This often involves determining what, if any, improvements could be made to a property to enhance its value, the cost of getting it there, and the resulting benefit to the property and the owner. This may include determining whether it makes sense to drill a new water well, subdivide a property, bring in alternative uses such as cellular sites, solar sites, or entering into a lease for mineral rights.


Having many years of experience in financing both agricultural operations, real estate, and commercial property, we are often asked to assist a client in determining their options for the best type and source of financing. This could be for an acquisition, a major improvement, or a refinance. We also get involved in negotiating with a client’s lender to restructure a loan that is experiencing some difficulties.