Land Owner Representation – If you are a landowner, interested in leasing your agricultural property to qualified and reputable tenants, Rincon can work with you to find the right tenant. We have had extensive experience with area growers. We also keep up with out of area growers interested in coming into the local area. We know who is a good and reliable operator and who is not. By exposing your property to the greatest number of high quality tenants, you will be assured that you have received the best rent the market will bear. However, when leasing out your property, there are many things besides income to consider,including:

  • Who is the operator, what is their history, experience, reputation, financial integrity, etc?
  • What is the term of the lease, options for renewal, etc?
  • What will they grow and what methods of operation will they be using?
  • Are any improvements necessary, who will pay, what happens to them at the end of the lease and what are the insurance and tax consequences
  • What chemicals will they be using and how will they be applied?
  • What restrictions are necessary to protect you from liability from trespass, waste, damage, or injury from your tenant’s employees?
  • What restrictions are necessary to protect your soil from unwanted residue, nutrient depletion, and erosion?
  • What restrictions are necessary to protect your property from hazard or toxic waste issues?
  • What will be the water usage, irrigations system usage, and maintenance of the system? Who is responsible for costs?
  • Where will irrigation water drain? How much? When?
  • What are the property tax implications of their operation and who bears the cost of any added tax to you?
  • When the lease is terminated, what conditions must be met as the tenant leaves?

Grower Representation – Of course, all the above issues are important to you, the tenant as well. Yet what is more important is that you get the opportunity to lease a property before it is gone. We are typically employed by a grower looking for some additional ground, so that the grower can be made aware of these opportunities immediately. When a grower hires Rincon to represent them in finding ground for lease, we investigate properties that are not currently available but expect will be available sometime in the near future. Our proprietary database of agricultural properties keeps us up to speed with these potential opportunities.

Long Term Vineyard Leases – Of course, the California Central Coast is being established extremely quickly as a leading area of premium varietal wine grapes. With major wineries coming into the area, we are seeing large tracts of land being put into new development. We stay constantly informed of wineries, and their contracted growers, looking for more land to develop. Additionally, we monitor opportunities where landowners are interested in long-term leases for their farm ground or plantable grazing ground.

See Properties for Lease for more information.